Johnny Venokur, VP of Development in Reality Television

Johnny began managing his family business,The Stage Delicatessen; a famous Landmark restaurant in New JohnnyV-250HYork City at an early age. He then went on to manage and own bars and cafe’s which were also New York establishments that were all a big success. In NYC, Venokur went into producing talk shows relating to news media, while in the performance world as well.

Ambition drew him to California. Johnny went to Hollywood to pursue his career in acting, producing and directing.His experience from running successfull  restaurants and working always with a team, gave him the knowledge for setting up his crew for success for feature films and television.

Johnny Venokur  realized he was good at putting the pieces together; celebrities, crew, and then distribution. Johnny managed a Beverly Hills Celebrity Makeover Company “Back Street Productions”. This was where actors had makeovers and were developed and connected to opportunity in entertainment..

He managed many actors. Numerous had great success such as Faith Ford from the Murphy Brown TV series which ran on network television for over ten years. Another successful venture.

Johnny’s next creation brought into the mix his experience, know how and success into the world of Reality TV. Venokur serves as the brains and Exec. Producer behind numerous celebreality series, features and television projects. He is now an expert at bringing celebrities into Reality. Johnny is bringing back stars from the 80’s. Todd Bridges from Different Strokes, Christopher Atkins from Blue Lagoon and Scott Baio from Charles In Charge; just to name a few. Venokur Produced VH1’s number one hit series,”Scott Baio is 45 and Single” for several seasons and performed in the lead role “Johnny V” that made him well known with millions of fans across America and all over the globe. “45 and Single” was an international hit! and still remains on the airwaves.  There is no place that Johnny won’t go to create a successful reality show; trailer parks, drag racing, and special effects and the list is endless.

Johnny has great contacts and connects with the top show runners, production companies and networks.

Johnny Venokur is the Executive Producer on his new Reality series “Johnny V’s Reality Allstars”.

Some of Venokur’s current work as a performer includes principal sketch artist on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, a new social networking talk show, “It’s All Good With Johnny V”  and “Anger Management” with Charlie Sheen. For several years Johnny could be heard regularly with Danny Bonaduce on 97.1 FM/CBS Radio, giving Love and Life Advice.

Venokur is an Entertainment Life Coach and works with celebrities and reality stars.

From stage to screen and everything in between, Johnny is a humanitarian and devotes his time for great causes. He hosts many events such as  “Miss Rock Your Curves” at their annual fashion show in honor of breast cancer awareness and recently hosted The Woman’s Image Network Awards.