Miles Robinson

Miles Robinson became a professional musician in his mid-teens, playing in venues around Sacramento, then MIles Headshot Cropthroughout Northern California and Nevada. His band “Spice” was a frequent performer on KZAP-FM, one of the country’s leading free-form radio stations, and all before reaching his 18th birthday. He then garnered extensive broadcast experience as a key disc jockey in Lake Tahoe, California. In all of his endeavors, he kept a sharp eye open to as much knowledge as possible that he would maximize later in his professional career.

Miles then migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area where his career shifted into high gear, recording with artists like Alice Stuart and Snake providing solid beats for a wide variety of radio and television commercials and still pursuing his love of performing in rock-hallowed halls like Bill Graham’s Winterland and major venues though out the Bay Area.

In 1978 Miles was discovered by the management of the 5th Dimension and brought to Los Angeles to record with Jobete Publishing  and earning his LA musician stripes as the house drummer for Don Randi’s Baked Potato, one of the world’s most respected jazz clubs.  Miles also recorded with Don Randi on multiple albums which led to work with Nancy Sinatra, Nell Carter, the revamped Everly Bros., and sessions for Motown Records, Warner Bros. Records and at Gold Star Studios with members of Phil Spector’s “Wrecking Crew”.

But then the 5th Dimension came back into the picture, enlisting the talented young drummer to play with the multi-platinum and five-Grammy award-winning musical giant where he remained for almost fifteen years, recording and touring worldwide at exemplary venues, including performances at the White House.

In 1996, a new calling beckoned Miles into the world of talent management and production. He joined a management firm that became affiliated with “kathy ireland Worldwide” (kiWW) and was instrumental in the transfiguration of that company from a talent management entity into a design and marketing firm propelled by Kathy Ireland’s wildly successful business acumen and popularity, of which Miles was a key team member, enabling Kathy Ireland’s company to be estimated in value by Forbes magazine in 2012 at approximately $2 billion dollars.

In 2008 Miles became Vice President of Production for kiWW, interfacing with manufacturers, retailers, global strategic partners in all areas of brand recognition and ultimately, the complete utilization of his skills first gestated back in his early youth. He became proficient in the world of 21st Century digital production, producing and directing a multitude of kiWWs business and consumer film and video productions, including projects with Janet Jackson and Produced Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s last performance of “Love Letters” with James Earl Jones.  He has now joined forces with Ron Feuer to launch Milestone Venture Production a Film Production, Music Production, Marketing and Management Company.